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To make it through the day, children need lots of energy (calories), but they can’t eat enormous quantities of food [...]
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Eating vegetarian: is OK for children?

Your child doesn’t want to eat meat anymore? Thinking about introducing them to a vegetarian diet? Here are a few [...]
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Headache-free mayonnaise!

When hosting people with food allergies, it’s best to prepare a meal with the least amount of allergens possible. Traditional [...]
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Allergy or intolerance? A quick refresher…

How do you recognize a food allergy or intolerance? This guide may help you get to the bottom of things. [...]
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Mama Yo! is proudly introducing its brand ambassador ALEX TAGLIANI, race car driver

Although he is used to drive at very high speeds on the tracks, the race driver is also highly sensitive to the issue of food allergies. Being himself allergic to peanuts, and since his daughter is also allergic to eggs, Alex is delighted to be associated with the Mama Yo! brand, who helps allergic people on a daily basis, by providing them with top quality allergen-free products.

‘’Over time, I have learned to identify what foods I could eat. Because my daughter is suffering from a serious food allergy, it was difficult for us to keep her at the daycare center. As a parent, you don’t want to take any risks. My goal is to help families to live in harmony with their environment. When the required attention is paid to those special needs, it is possible to live active and healthy, while keeping your family safe and secure. ‘’

Alex Tagliani

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