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To make it through the day, children need lots of energy (calories), but they can’t eat enormous quantities of food [...]
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Eating vegetarian: is OK for children?

Your child doesn’t want to eat meat anymore? Thinking about introducing them to a vegetarian diet? Here are a few [...]
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Headache-free mayonnaise!

When hosting people with food allergies, it’s best to prepare a meal with the least amount of allergens possible. Traditional [...]
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Allergy or intolerance? A quick refresher…

How do you recognize a food allergy or intolerance? This guide may help you get to the bottom of things. [...]
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Mama Yo! is proud to present our delicious Mayonnaise Vegan without egg

CATERERS: Take up the challenge of satisfying the appetite of your customers with Vegans and allergen-free dishes!

PARENTS: Filling your child’s lunch box has become a puzzle; the allergens of your children and those of others! Mama Yo! is an excellent choice without risk.

VEGAN: The perfect touch to enhance the taste of your meals!

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