Headache-free mayonnaise! - Mama Yo!


Headache-free mayonnaise!

Written by : Geneviève Nadeau, RD, Nutritionist

Published on : 07-03-2016

When hosting people with food allergies, it’s best to prepare a meal with the least amount of allergens possible. Traditional mayonnaise is considered an allergenic product because it contains eggs, mustard and sometimes even traces of peanuts! But that’s not the case with Mama Yo!


Who is Mama Yo! for?

Mama Yo! is good for everyone! It’s made without eggs, mustard, peanuts, walnuts, dairy products, wheat, soy or sulfites. But the best part is… it tastes wonderful! That’s why your Mama Yo! jar is suitable for the whole family. If children with allergies are at the table, you can safely serve a healthy salad or raw veggies accompanied with a vinaigrette or dip prepared with Mama Yo! This way, all your family members and guests can partake in the same meal, whether or not they have allergies!


Cook safely!

It’s important to be conscious of cross-contamination risks in the kitchen. Even if you cook with an allergen-free ingredient like Mama Yo!, make sure to wash your kitchenware with soapy water and clean all surfaces used to prepare food. This will ensure Mama Yo! doesn’t come into contact with other allergens present in your food preparation environment.


For more information about cross-contamination, visit these websites:



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